Janine Penev, Marketing and Client Care Coordinator

As the support side of the team, Janine is dedicated to assisting Laura and Miranda with providing clients a smooth, stress-free real estate experience! Janine comes from a background in illustration and graphic design, so naturally she specializes in creative, innovative advertising campaigns and exciting deisgn projects for the team's brand and listings. She is involved in all aspects of marketing the Life and the City team's listings to ensure the greatest exposure to potential buyers and acheive the best possible results. Janine also maintains the team's social media profiles and website content, in addition to connecting with clients and providing meticulous inital, during and after-service care and support.

When she's not designing marketing materials or assiting Laura and Miranda with giving clients an awesome real estate experience, Janine enjoys painting and drawing, baking, hiking, yoga, travel, making things, and hanging out with her two adorable, mischevious cats!

Connect with Janine:  janine@lifeandthecity.com