Smart Investing Info Series: Spring 2019 Sessions

05 March 2019
Life and the City

We're very excited to announce the launch of our new Smart Investing Info Series! The sessions in this series are designed to provide valuable information, insights and advice that will help you understand how to invest smartly in Toronto real estate. Here are all the details on our first two sessions: "Building Your Real Estate Portfolio" and "Rent Or Buy?"


21 November 2018
Life and the City

Welcome Home to this stunning 3 bedroom, 2 bath semi in the high-demand Beach Triangle! This beauty has been completely updated throughout with incredible attention to detail.

QA SERIES: Pre-Constructions

19 October 2017
Life and the City

A question that we often hear is in regards to new-build condo developments and pre-construction projects: How do you access the best units before they get snapped up in pre-sale events? This is a great question because it highlights a common misconception we have often noticed - that many people are unaware that as Realtors at one of the top brokerages in the city, we have access to the best pricing and floor plans at a development's first launch.

QA SERIES: Understanding Income Properties

14 September 2017
Life and the City

Have you ever considered owning a rental property? ou likely already know that it's a fantastic way to supplement your income and help pay your mortgage, but many people are at a loss when it comes to the process of acquiring one - what to look for, how to set it up, how to maintain it, etc. Learn more here!

QA SERIES: Buying vs. Renting in Today's Market

07 September 2017
Life and the City

Here's a question you've likely considered, or you may know someone who is currently debating the issue: Is it best to rent or buy in Toronto today? Yes, we are real estate agents, so you probably expect us to say, "Buy". And you wouldn't be wrong...but hear us out.