QA SERIES: Pre-Constructions

19 October 2017
Life and the City

This post is a part of our ongoing Q&A Series in which we address various hot topics relating to the GTA real estate market, about real estate in general, or about our Team.   

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How do you gain access to the best units in new-build condo developments and pre-construction projects, before they get snapped up in pre-sale events?

This is a great question because it highlights a common misconception we have often noticed - that many people are unaware that as Realtors at one of the top brokerages in the city, we have access to the best pricing and floor plans at a development's first launch. 

We receive invitations directly from developers to attend platinum launches for the hottest developments in the city. Often, developers will allocate a certain number of units for Realtors to sell to our clients before  any real marketing or sales events happen. This means that we have exclusive access to the best units before they become available to the public, that only our clients can buy!

We routinely see as much as 50% of a project sell out at these launches, so the only way to get access to the best units (those on high floors, with the best layouts, and good views) is by attending a pre-sale launch. An additional benefit is that we know how to ask the right questions, and can negotiate special VIP pricing and upgrades for you!

Keeping ourselves educated and up-to-date on the latest hot developments happening around the city allows us to be fully prepared to help our clients consider all their options and choose the one that best suites their wants and needs.

Even when a project becomes available to the public, remember that the person at the sales centre works for the builder, and their primary job is to get the best price and conditions for the builder - our primary job is to ensure that we get the best price and conditions for you.

Another key aspect of ensuring that you make a solid decision is understanding a builder's history and reputation. Being aware of a developer's track record will ensure that there is as little stress and unforseen complications as possible from the time you sign the paperwork to the time you take ownership. We are very familiar with many of the developers across the city and can guide you in this area.

Buying a pre-construction condo is complicated and there are a lot of legal intricacies and details involved, but the results can be exceptionally exciting and rewarding. 

If you're interested in a pre-construction development, talk to us - chances are we'll be attending a platinum launch event for that project sometime in the near future, and we'd love for you to join us!