QA SERIES: Where We Work

29 September 2017
Life and the City

This blog post is the last of a four-part series in which we address the various questions or concerns we've been hearing a lot about in recent months.   

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One of the misconceptions that we have been hearing most often is in regards to what locations we work in, and what property types we help our clients buy and sell. So what better way to end our Q&A series than to address this directly!

Many times, in conversation with existing or prospective clients, we'll hear things like: "I'm interested in purchasing a (home/condo) in (the west end/downtown/midtown), but I know you don't work in (condos/homes) in (that location)".

The reality is that we don't specialize in just one type of property or location - we work with all types of residential properties and in communities GTA-wide!

50% of our business is in downtown condos, and the other 50% is in homes all across the city - buying, selling, leasing and investing.

Why is it that we don't specialize in just one type? It's because we find that so many of our clients make the transition from a downtown condo to a larger home, or they downsize from a home to a smaller property, and often they are relocating to a different neighbourhood.

Perhaps you want to live in a quiet, family-friendly neighbourhood, located in close proximity to parks, recreation, and great school systems. Or, you would prefer to live where all the action is, a stone’s throw from all the best restaurants, shops and entertainment. Or you might be in search of an investment property or a new-build condo close to public transit or the local community college. Not being limited to just one property type or location means that we are able to match our clients with the ideal property for them, in the area that is best suited to their needs.

So the next time you are looking for a certain type of property or in a particular area but aren't sure whether we'd be able to help, just reach out to us - chances are that we can!

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