QA SERIES: Moving Outside of the GTA

21 September 2017
Life and the City

This blog post is the third of a four-part series in which we address the various questions or concerns we've been hearing a lot about in recent months.  

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What do you do if you need to make a move to another city in Canada, or if you want to buy a different type of property?

Here's the situation. Perhaps you've gotten a call that your employer is relocating you to another Canadian city or town. Or maybe you need to move somewhere outside of the GTA that would be better suited to your needs. Or, you're looking to buy something different - a cottage or commercial property. Whatever the scenario, you may not be familiar with that particular real estate landscape, and how to begin the process.

This is where you could use some expert assistance.

While we specialize in a variety of locations and property types (see next week's email for more on this!), there are certain ones that lie outside of our areas of expertise. For this, we can connect you with an amazing real estate professional from our country-wide network. 

It's incredibly important to us that you receive the highest quality of service, whether you're working with us or with a colleague.  That's why we will only ever refer you to a professional who is an expert in their market and with whom we have a great relationship, so you can be confident that you will be in good hands throughout the entire process.

Are your friends or family members looking to buy OR sell in another city and need a trusted agent? We can connect them with great real estate professionals as well!

If you or someone you know is looking to relocate outside of the GTA or purchase a different type of property, please let us know. We are 100% committed to ensuring that you and your loved ones receive exceptional real estate service!