Attention Buyers!

29 June 2017
Life and the City


Are you thinking about buying, but unsure of whether it's the right time because of all the changes happening in the market? Yes, our market is going through a transition period, but it will remain strong and certainly grow from year to year. The time has never been better to be invested in real estate - our homes will continue to be our biggest growing asset!

Going forward, look for our market to remain steady over the summer but with less competition as people are heading out of the city to enjoy their vacation time. Were you not able to find your ideal property in the hot spring market? Now is the time to take advantage of current conditions before competition gets hot again. Properties are taking a little while longer to sell as people have started to go on vacation, so this is a great opportunity to snap up a deal on a home or condo and avoid the competition that you would experience at any other time.

We predict that it's going to be a very busy fall, so don't miss out on this opportunity!


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