Easter Fundraiser Event 2017!

28 April 2017
Life and the City


On Sunday April 2nd at Mathnasium in The Beach, we hosted an Easter fundraiser to raise money for a great cause! 

Our goal was to help make this Easter special for the 30 children and their mothers living at the Red Door Family Shelter. All money raised went directly towards filling baskets for both the kids and their moms:

1) A basket for each each age group at the Red Door Family Shelter - to include Discovery Toys, books + a peanut-free Easter Bunny (30 baskets in total).

2) A basket for each of the moms. Red Door has told us that they are in need of feminine products for the moms staying at the Shelter so we thought we would include: tampons/pads, some makeup & lotions (generously donated by the Big Carrot) and also some health products (generously donated by Monika at UFirst Wellness!).

It was a fun morning of activity, with a toddler music class, face painting, Easter crafts, math-based Easter activities, photos with the Easter Bunny and more!

We met our goal, and we can't thank everyone enough for their donations to this special cause and for helping us make the event and the fundraiser such a huge success!! We dropped off over 30 Easter baskets to the Red Door Family Shelter as well as many items for the moms also living there who are trying to find a new start.

If each of us helps out in a small way, a huge impact is made, so Thank You!!!


Dropping off the baskets to the Red Door Family Shelter on April 11th


Check out these photos from the event!